A 25 Yrs Old Boy Murdered in Sunder Nagri

Sunder Nagri Muder

In North-East Delhi, Sunder Nagri area, a 25 years old boy was murdered in Saturday evening. Following this, the victim was shifted to hospital where he was declared brought dead. Watch the Video.

All the murderer and victim are likely to the resident of Sunder Nagri. Police said, In the preliminary enquiry, three men namely Aalam, Bilal and Faizan seems to be the main suspect and all have been rounded up. Police said that motive behind this murder seems to be old enmity.

The investigation in underway. The Police forces has been deployed in the area.

I spoke to some of the people there. The People are fearful and telling that they don’t believe in the law and order any longer. They culprits will be released soon. Criminals don’t fear as many crime happening in the surrounding. They give the example of naina kaur and sherkhan case that was doing the round in the social media at that time. Naina Kaur was murdered by the Sherkhan in broad daylight. You can read the story. Click here.

People were talking each other about self defence. Law and order situation is deteriorating and needful thing should be done.

Visit The Delhi Time for more information.

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