Delhi University 174 Students Demand Probe Against Faulty Marksheet

The Delhi Time was approached by the many DU M.A. Political Science students that want their situation to come light, as main stream media and other platform not paying heed to their demand and it has serious repercussions for their future. It will affect them both mentally and physically, as they continue protest. One of the student write to us as follows:

Coming with lots of curiosity to the academic life which provides strength to mental superiority has been crushed after looking at my final semester results .On 12th September 2022, 174 students have received unexpectedly low results, many of them marked absent and failed in the examination too. After watching the results it can be assumed that copies of 174 students were hardly checked and randomly 5 GPA had been given in subjects just to give second division to most of the students irrespective of performance in the exam.With any lens, a 5 GPA is not justified because students performed very well in their internal exam. Whether copies are checked or not, it also has a question mark. And because of this negligence, most of us are unable to get admissions into PhD courses and errors in marking have serious consequences for those applying for further studies as most student’s marks do not fall into the University’s eligibility criteria of 55 per cent for the UGC-NET exam just because of final semester results. We find one of the student tweet that are demanding justice, look at the tweet.

International Students also faced the same problem with negative impact in their career .As some students belong to Afghanistan has been impacted double jeopardy due to their country’s internal environment, they can’t able to come to give physical examination and get assurance from DU administration that their result will be made on the basis of 3rd semester result and 4th semester internal marks but when they saw their results ,they found that they were marked failed and in all subjects they got zer

Though concern of the students has been submitted to various authorities along with students demands.

Application submitted to:
Head of Department 16/09/2022
Dean of Department 16/09/2022
Examination branch 20/09/2022
Vice chancellor 20/09/2022
Proctor 21/09/2022


  • Panel of 3 members board committee should be set up and revaluation should be done in front of us in order to maintain transparency and fair means of investigation .The low score demoralized students as they prepare for various central and state-level competitive exams such
    as Defence, PGT, TGT, UGC NET-JRF, and as well as applied to foreign universities.
  • There are some students who have received threats from Professors and department seniors that you will not get admission to the Ph.D for this thing.
  • Error in marksheets is already highlighted and submitted to the authority.
  • Not only the students but professors as well didn’t come up well and half-heartedly completed the syllabus.The students wrote the answers from the readings and prepared themselves well in a short time(3 months). Still the linear checking was not there and they marked below satisfactory.

We were forced to give offline exams in the final semester as most of the classes were taken online . Though many of us were already suffering because of covid and many were out of town. We had to come to Delhi from different parts of the country just for a couple of days wherein even the hostels and PGs took advantage of our situations and charged more than required. After all the stress, travelling and pressure, we managed to prepare for offline exams and now the grades that we’ve gotten are below satisfactory. Pretty sure that we performed better than what we have actually received as a grade”. This shows that unjust marks have been given and unfair ones have been done .

Due to this results students are suffering from mental torture & harassment. Even visually impaired students are also facing same problems,

Maximum problem has been seen in below subjects:

Key text in Political Philosophy- Dr Silky ma’am
Politics &ethics in Jammu &Kashmir- Prof Sangit ragi sir
Comparing India & Israel – Prof Sunil Sir
Democracy & human rights in India- Dr Smita ma’am
Gender in international relations- Dr Rinky ma’am

Some students are uncomfortable coming out openly for their demand for mass re-evaluation by the Department of Political Science due to the fear of being harassed or targeted by the
faculty during the admission process.

A reminder application has been submitted to the Vice chancellor regarding our concern on 26 /09/2022 .Now we are waiting for a positive response from administration regarding our demands and hoping that our marks will increase.

“Education is a weapon for students through which they can fight any war related to their life and career “

In the end, Delhi University must remember that it is students that make DU prestigious and not giving proper heed to their demand is condemnable. Students continue thier protest and it might rise at any time, if proper due consideration and dialogue is not being setup between students and DU representatives.

If you want to send any information, you just need to send us through social media or thorugh email. Visit Delhi Time for more information.

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