Delta eCredit & Certificates: How to Use Them

Delta eCredits and Certificates

Delta Airlines has led the pandemic by providing flexible flight ticket change and cancellation guidelines. Travelers can now change the non-refundable tickets for free and basic economy fares for refunds without paying a fee. One can use eCredit vouchers to rebook a flight ticket for yourself and other travelers. Amazingly, passengers can use eCredits for a year or more. Delta has given passengers even more time to utilize them by increasing all eCredits to use by 2024. However, in terms of booking a new flight ticket utilizing these eCredits or certificates, it isn’t always simple. Here is an overview of how to find and redeem Delta eCredits. 

How to Use Delta eCredits

Delta issues eCredits and certificates to passengers who booked a Delta flight and need to cancel it for any reason. Earlier, canceling a flight meant paying the cancellation fee. Now, the airline makes the full value of a canceled flight available for free use. Following are the Delta eCredit guidelines and expiations that you must be aware of: 

  • Your Delta eCredit is valid or usable until the original flight ticket expires. Normally, passengers can use their tickets for one year from the day of booking. But, to keep things straightforward and offer passengers more flexibility, the airline has recently had a specific policy in place: the eCredits passengers held as of January/12/2022, will be valid till December.31, 2023, to utilize flight bookings scheduled for 2024. 
  • Passengers can change their flight booking, change name on Delta ticket, cancel the flight, or book a new flight online (via the website) or offline (over the phone). If you are in a situation where you have to cancel the flight but cannot when you will be able to travel again, it is better to cancel the flight first and rebook whenever you want to. 

Types of eCredits and Certificates Delta Airlines Offers 

Passengers can redeem Delta eCredits for different money-saving offers on eligible flights, like:

  • A certain dollar amount off the price of the eligible fare.
  • A certain percentage off the price of an eligible fare. 
  • A travel certificate that includes the price of a flight ticket and requires the passenger to only pay the applicable fees and taxes. 
  • A certain percentage off the price of an eligible fare. 
  • Complimentary upgrade to Business or First Class cabin. 
  • Travelers can merge the Companion Certificates for an eligible round-trip flight by renewing the applicable Delta SkyMiles American Express Card with accessible eCredits.   

Delta eCredits are a certain monetary value that passengers can apply as payment toward the price of a flight ticket and the government-imposed fees and taxes. Examples of the eCredit are: 

  • Partially used or unused flight tickets. 
  • Unused post-purchase seat upgrades or desired seats. 
  • Delta Travel Voucher obtained from a flight ticket swap results in remaining value. 
  • A Transportation Credit Voucher through compensation for the service issue. 
  • Delta Dollars from denied boarding compensation via an oversold flight. 
  • eGift Certificates 
  • When a flight ticket swap results in residual value, and the initial payment method wasn’t a credit card, the airline will issue a miscellaneous charge order. 

How to Find the Delta eCredits and Certificates?

Fortunately, finding the Delta eCredits is simple. These eCredits are usually visible in your account within 24 hours of flight cancellation. However, remember that the airline generally issues eCredits separately to every traveler instead of issuing a huge eCredit to the travelers who originally purchased the flight tickets.

Using Delta SkyMiles Account

If you booked the canceled flight tickets with the Delta SkyMiles account, you are safe. The certificates and eCredits will be visible in the Delta account under the Certificates, eCredits & Vouchers tab.  

  • First, sign into your Delta account and hit the Profile icon. 
  • You will find the active Delta eCredits or certificates in your account. They will show the credit amount and the expiration date. The eCredits will be valid at the end of 2023.  

Without SkyMiles Account

Didn’t book the flight with the SkyMiles number? Fear not; follow the below steps. 

  • Visit the website. 
  • Hit the Add a Certificate or eCredit tab and input your e-ticket number. 
  • Or else, you can look for the eCredits by providing your contact information, like the mobile number and last name. 

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How to Redeem the Delta eCredit to Book a New Ticket?

There are two methods to use your Delta eCredit or certificate for a flight booking. Let’s understand these methods in detail. 

Through the SkyMiles Account 

It’s simple to redeem the eCredits if you had used your SkyMiles account to cancel the flight. Just follow the step-by-step procedure below. 

  • Sign into your SkyMiles account and tap the Profile icon to access your personal information. 
  • Select the Certificates, Vouchers & eCredits option on the left navigation bar. 
  • A page with your Unused eTicket, eCredits, and Certificates, with the expiration dates and monetary values.  
  • Tick the box of your preferred voucher to apply to the new reservation and move ahead to book the flight. You might have to pay the difference if your new flight costs more than the eCredit. 

Use eCredits to Book 

Another way to use the Delta eCredit is by booking a flight normally from the official website. Choose the flight times, confirm your information, and hit the Use eCredits tab while choosing the payment method. Once you see the active credits, pick the one you need to redeem and complete the booking. 

If you select one or two vouchers from the available list of credits, pick the one that expires earliest, even if it is in the least amount. You should not let them expire before getting another chance to use them.  

Note: you should remain logged into SkyMiles for the credits related to your account to be accessible for use. 

Sum Up!

To use the Delta eCredits and certificates, passengers should go through a few extra steps, but the procedure is straightforward. Check your account and ensure you have the eCredits, particularly the ones with great uses. If you encounter any issues redeeming Delta eCredits or certificates and need to know more about them, contact Delta Airlines name change customer service. Furthermore, you can contact +1-800-865-1848 for independent support and rapid assistance.

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