Earthquake Strikes Maxico Again on 19 September

Very Powerful temblor struck west part of Maxico on the anniversary of two devastating temblors. Maxico Earthquake.

It is to be noted that this temblor was also on the anniversary of two devastating temblors, damaging buildings, scrambling citizens outside the city. One person was died after a store roof collapsed over him. Authorities also reporting damage to several buildings including hospitals. Watch some horrific visual of the earthquake.

Maxico Earthquake

The magnitude of the earthquake was 7.6. It is to be noted that earthqukae was relatively shallow and 15 km deep, which might have amplified its impact. The warning of tsunami is also being given by US Pacific Tsunami center.

People in the hit areas said that “It seems like a curse”. Expert is also saying that there was no scientific explanation for three major quakes on the same 19 september and attributed it to pure coincidence.

It must be remembered that thousands were died in september 19, 1985 earthquake and more than 350 died in sep 19, 2017. Govenment is claiming that seismic alert was also sounded nearly two minutes before the earthquake, and giving people time to evacute their homes. People were not believing as practice exercise was also being done commemorating the past earthquake on the same day.

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