Germany Preparing to Accept Russian Deserters

Germany minister commented on Russian Deserters to give them shelters

Germany is ready to accept Russian deserters, ministers said on thursday, amid reports of individuals escaping President Vladimir Putin’s partial mobilisation.

“Deserters confronted with severe persecution may generally get international protection in Germany,” Interior Minister Nancy Faeser stated in an interview with the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

“Anyone who stands up to Putin’s leadership and puts themselves in great danger can seek asylum on the grounds of political persecution,” she continued.

Separately, Justice Minister Marco Buschmann said on Twitter, using the hashtag “partial mobilisation,” that “clearly, many Russians are fleeing their nation – everyone who despises Putin’s path and cherishes free democracy is welcome in Germany.”

Germany has taken in almost one million Ukrainians fleeing Russia’s invasion, but it has also welcomed Russian dissidents.

According to Faeser, 438 Russian dissidents, many of whom are journalists, have profited from an expedited process to acquire asylum in Germany.

She did, however, warn out that political asylum is not granted automatically, and that candidates must first undergo security screenings.

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