How Congress Govt Gifted 123 Properties in Lutyens Delhi to Waqf Board in 2014, Just Before General Elections

A case just come out to the fore that Tamil Nadu Waqf Board claimed ownership of 7 Hindu-majority villages and a 1500- year old hindu temple in Tiruchirappalli. Now, It has also come out that UPA Govt also gifted 123 government properties in Lutyen Delhi to Waqf in 2014.

As per news article published by OpIndia, It was written there that decision was taken by the cabinet and conveyed through a secret note, just days prior to 2014 general election. These properties that were gifted to waqf board are in prime locations such as Connaught Place, Ashoka Road, Mathura Road and other VVIP Enclaves.

It was mentioned there that It Just took a phone call to indentify the 123 government properties in favour of the Delhi Waqf Board as per Times Now. The News Channel also shared the secret notes, which is dated March5, 2014 and signed by JP Prakash. Read full Story.

How UPA Govt Gifted 123 Properties in Lutyens Delhi to Waqf Board in 2014

The Same news channel also unearthed a notice by the union home ministry which stated, “The govt is pleased to withdraw from the below-mentioned waqf properties”. The UPA Govt conceded the demands of Waqf board and decided to give claim to waqf board. It must be mentioned here that given properties were inherited from the british government and their status remained unchanged till March 2014. Visit for more news and updates The Delhi Time.

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