The world is turning to India for knowledge: Mohan Bhagwat

RSS “The nationalist Organization”

Mohan Bhagwat, leader of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), stated on Wednesday that everyone in the nation must grasp their “swa” (selves) since the entire world looks to India for information. He was addressing at a seminar here on the topic “Swadhinta Se Swatantrata Ki Aur,” which was organised by the RSS sister organisation Bharatiya Vichar Manch.

“Other countries seek instruction from old Indian philosophy.” Our old texts and literature will live forever. Even now, the entire globe seeks knowledge from India. In such a scenario, we must all comprehend our “swa” (selves).”Even senior judges have urged the judicial procedure to be changed “on that premise,” he added. “Religion gives us the values of love, compassion, truth, and repentance. We never classified information as either indigenous or alien. We have always believed in embracing good ideas from all directions. Countries who ignore their past are doomed to extinction “Bhagwat said.

Only a few people were allowed to attend the session.Despite the fact that India gained independence in 1947, Bhagwat claims that the people were “late” in realising their “swa” (self).

He stated that B R Ambedkar was correct when he stated that social, economic, and political freedom are all equally vital.

“Wars invariably result in sorrow. One such example is the Mahabharat. Gandhiji was correct when he stated that the world has adequate resources for everyone, but we suffer as a result of greed “According to the Sangh head. He was also cited as saying that “codes, not ideals, may be modified.”

“We must study works authored by knowledgeable people such as Swami Vivekananda and Gandhiji before attempting to propagate religion (Dharma Vruddhi). We are seeing similar changes in government. Today, new ideas are making their way into the system “Bhagwat said.

On the occasion, he unveiled a mobile application and Bharatiya Vichar Manch books.


Gaurav is working as an Independent Researcher based in Delhi.

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