Violence Against Hindus in Leicester by Islamist : Must Read

Hindus saffron flag taken down by Islamist

Violence erupted on Friday night in Leicestor, UK. There has been reports of violence unleashing upon Hindus. It all started with India and Pakistan Match, when armed fanatics attacked the Hindus and their houses in the vicinity.

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Police exercised their disposal powers and trying to prevail peace as hindus started protesting and demanding action against the islamist. As per the official statements Police said, “It started after a group of men staged an unplanned protest on the Sunday evening”. Read the police update !

A Video is also being shared and doing rounds everywhere where a white car was attacked by the islamist. In the video, muslim mob surrounds a white car driven by a hindu. Islamist start beating down on the car, trying to open the driver seat and managed to drive out the men and beat them mercislessly. Many Islamist celebrated the attack on the hindu driver. Stay tuned.

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