What was Ajmer’s Serial Rape and Blackmail Scandal?

1992 Ajmer Serial Rape and Blackmail Scandal

It was reported in 1992 that over 250+ girls had been raped and subjected to blackmail in Ajmer, Rajasthan. It was known as biggest rape and sex exploitation scandal in Ajmer. Farooq Chishti first raped a girl student at Sophia Senior Secondary School after grooming her. The youngster was subjected to offensive photography while being threatened into bringing him other girls. These girls were later raped and subjected to blackmail.

While two other accused, Nafis Chishti and Anwar Chishti, served as the vice-president and joint secretary of the local Congress unit, respectively, Farooq Chishti served as the president of the Ajmer Youth Congress.

For years, Farooq Chishti and his gang detained, sexually exploited, and blackmailed a number of girls, including many powerful individuals with political connections in the neighbourhood. As the Khadims were linked to the primary offenders.

There are rumours that the Ajmer serial rape case was covered up to the point where many witnesses and victims became hostile and many facts were forgotten. Threats and blackmail were also used against the witnesses and victims to deter them from coming forward. Because of social stigma, some of them became antagonistic. The scandalous Rotherham Child Sexual Exploitation Scandal is frequently used as a comparison for this case.

Those searching for brides in the region used to enquire if the girl was one of “those victims” for years after the tragedy was made public due to the severity of the societal shame.

Ajmer Sharif Rape and Blackmail Case Resurfaces: Latest Developments and Updates

Girls Raped

Former councilman Sawai Singh was shot and killed on January 7 at a Pushkar resort. His passing made people think of the notorious 1992 Ajmer Serial Rape and Blackmail Affair. Sons of murdered journalist Madan Singh, who was murdered in 1992, Surya Partap Singh and Dharam Partap Singh are the suspects.

Surya Partap was in possession of a country-made pistol and three rounds, which the police seized. Sawai Singh was shot in the head and the stomach. Surya managed to flee the scene but was apprehended by Pushkar police on January 8.

Surya Pratap posed for a photo while grinning widely. He admitted to the media that he doesn’t regret what he done. He confessed to killing Sawai Singh in retaliation for his father’s murder during questioning. According to rumours, Sawai Singh visited the Baseli village to hand out invitations to his son’s wedding. Surya persistently followed him. According to rumours, Surya and his brother Dharma Partap Singh reportedly followed Sawai Singh for more than a week. Also, they sent Vinay Pratap Singh, a relative, to monitor Sawai Singh’s travels.

Surya and two other people started shooting at Sawai as he stopped at the Yuvraj Fort Resort with his friends for tea. Dinesh Singh, a friend of Sawai Singh, was shot as well and is currently receiving medical attention. Still at large is Dharam Partap Singh.

When he was running a weekly newspaper, Madan extensively covered the Ajmer rape and blackmail case. According to sources, it was discovered that a local gang had raped and blackmailed countless young women in Ajmer when the scandal was exposed. Farooq Chishti, the leader of the Ajmer Indian Youth Congress, is said to have exerted political pressure on the police to postpone the case. Chishti belonged to the Ajmer Sharif Dargah’s Khadim family.

Madan received numerous threats for writing extensively about the subject. On Srinagar Road near Ajmer, Madan was shot in 1992. He was able to escape, nevertheless. He was taken emergency care at JLN Hospital in Ajmer. Eventually, five or six attackers ambushed Madan in the hospital and killed him as he was receiving medical attention for his wounds.

The police accused Narendra Singh, now deceased Sawai Singh, and former Congress lawmaker Rajkumar Jaipal of murder. The court, however, ruled all of the suspects not guilty in 2012. Surya and Dharma, Madan’s two boys, were only 8 and 12 years old, respectively, at the time of his death. The accused was declared not guilty, and Madan’s sons vowed to exact revenge for their father’s murder. They made two attempts in the past ten years but failed. However, Surya managed to kill Sawai Singh.

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