What was Russian Sleep Experiment 30 Days

There have been many experiments around the world, some are known by the people whereas some are done in secret and hence, not known to people. Let’s dive into the story of Russia sleep experiment of 30 days. Today, we will talk about one such experiments that have been doing rounds everywhere. It was done in 1940s. and shook the people head. this experiment was known as the “Russian Sleep Experiment“. There was deal between the political prisoner of war where they were promised to be freed, once they complete the experimnet and become part of it. For this, they were advised that all you have to do is not to fall asleep for 30 days. Prisoners agreed on it.

Russian sleep experiments

Russian Sleep Experiments 30 Days –

They were locked in a chambar and a gas was put inside the chamber so that prisoner could not sleep and experiment could start on them.

In the begining, everything was good for the first 5 days. Scientist had also installed a camera and microphone so that they could hear their talking and keep an eye on them. It was noted that they continued to talk about traumatic incidents and their past but their general tone of their conversation take darker aspects. After 5 days, their condition started deteriorating. The prisoners slowly stopped talking to each other.

After 9 days, one of them started screaming at the top of his lungs for 3 hr continuosly. Now all he could do is to produce occassional squeaks. The scientist thought that he broke their vocal cords, but most astonishing part of this is a reaction of other captives. They react nothing. Other captive took the book and start apart the book, smeared page after page.

3 more days passed. there was no sound coming from the chamber. They decided to go inside to check the microphone or their status. They announced that they will open the chamber and step away from the door and also lie flat or else you will be shot. Compliance to this order will earn freedom to one of 5 captives. Response from them was surprise as ” we no longer want to be freed.”

Now, the chamber was flushed of the stimulant gas and filled with fresh air. Captives voice began to object the move. They start begging to turn the gas back on. The chamber was opened and soldiers went in. 4 of the 5 captives were still alive. They noticed that food for the past 5 days had not been touched. What was found there was chunks of meat from the dead test subject’s thigh. The 4 alive subjects had also large portions of muscle and skin torn away from their bodies. Their bones was exposed and wounds were inflicted by hand of himself. on seeing them it is believed that they were eating each other’s or their own meat.Scientist thought that they should be killed on seeing their shocking movements and condition. He spoke to commander but turned down their request. Scientist decided to kill all the subjects and erased all the evidence related to the experiment.

We don’t confirm that whether this story is true or concocted, but it was published on a website called creepypasta.com. This story has been doing rounds on social media. The “Sleep Experiment” or “Russian Sleep Experiment” is one of the most readable and debatable topic in social media.

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