Why Shoaib Akhtar Want Kohli to Retire??

Shoaid Akhtar vs Virat Kohli

Shoaid Akhtar is popularly known as rawalpindi express because of his bowling speed, and has been super active in social media and also in their youtube channel. He just tell in the Youtube video that the Indian cricket legend Virat Kohli should retire from T-20 Format. Why did he tell his?

Akhtar heaped praise on Virat Kohli after his unbeaten 82 runs against archrival pakistan in sunday t20 world cup. According to him, he played the greatest innings of his life against pakistan. He could do this because of self belief that only he can do this.

He was trolled and down for 3 years, didn’t score big runs. His captaincy was stripped off. People said lot of things to him, even dragging his family into it but he believed in himself and kept training and just a day before diwali, he played a fantastic innings. He is back with bang and I am really happy for him. He showed that why he is called great cricketer. He added.

He also said that, he wanted kohli to retire from T20 cricket because he did not want kohli to put all his energy in that format of cricket. If he used all his might like he did today. he can score 3 centuries in ODIs. Akhtar added.

Why Kohli should retire from T20

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